new work in the store


So I've posted a bunch of new items for sale in the FuzzyChef Online Store. This is my first major firing with Lava Street on lots of my pieces, and I'm really loving it.

Pictured above is a "cassole", the traditional baking dish for the French classic, cassoulet. Made in the traditional conical shape, it's about 13" in diameter and holds a gallon and a half. You won't find this at Sur Le Table. For this and other stuff like salt pigs, I've created a new store category of ChefWare.

The kiln overfired slightly; I'm going to have to work on recalibrating it. However, the overfiring was great for the pieces it didn't ruin due to glazes running. For example, these two mugs turned out amazing:

swirly lava mugs

Anyway, lots of new stuff up, and more to come, so go shopping!