Josh "FuzzyChef" Berkus

Josh "FuzzyChef" Berkus

Josh is a potter, open source programmer, avid food geek, former pastry chef, and serious home cook. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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selling at Cully Harvest Fair

I will be selling pottery at the Cully Harvest Fair on October 8th. The Fair is from noon to 4pm, on 42nd Ave. between Prescott and Killingsworth in NE Portland. Among other things, I will be selling seven of my well-known cat mugs: If you're in Portland, come see me…

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spring carrot reunion

Here's a simple, unusual, and surprisingly healthful appetizer you can really only make this time of year. It depends on finding really fresh, young spring carrots, the kind which are only 5" to 7" long and 1/2" in diameter, and very sweet. And you'll probably have to grow them…

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Suckers walk, money talks But it can't touch my quick gravlax             -- Salmon Hagar Think lox is way expensive? No decent smoked salmon in your area? Want to impress your friends with a fancy appetizer while spending less than 30 minutes on prep? Gravlax…

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green, green grows the ravioli-o

It's St. Patrick's Day, which of course makes you think of ... pasta? Well, apparently it does if you're Costco. In honor of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland (in a green minivan, presumably), Costco has provided us with luridly green ravioli stuffed with Irish cheddar. Which my sweetie…

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moving studios

FuzzyChef Pottery is moving studios from San Francisco to Portland Oregon. As such, we will be shut down and not taking online orders for the next 5 to 7 weeks.…

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moroccan carrot-date curry

OK, this is not at all authentic Moroccan food. I didn't get it from Paula Wolfert or Kitty Morse; this is based on a hodge-podge of three other recipes and a dish a Filipino friend of mine used to make. But it's tasty and easy, and the ingredients are cheap…

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