Josh "FuzzyChef" Berkus

Josh "FuzzyChef" Berkus

Josh is a potter, open source programmer, avid food geek, former pastry chef, and serious home cook. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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seafood, oregon

garlic-pepper dungeness crab

Dungeness crab season has started in Oregon! The commission made us wait for an additional month to get our crabs, but that wait was a good thing: crabs are larger, with sweeter meat and thicker shells. You'll have better crab this season than you did for the last several years…

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holidays, cuban food, gluten-free, meat

Cuban Christmas, part 2

Having finished the appetizers and salad course we moved on to our main course. Now, the super-traditional Christmas eve dinner for Cuban-Americans is Lechon Asado (roast pork shoudler), with rice and black beans, and I had to have all of those things, and you'll see them in a minute. What…

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holidays, cuban food, gluten-free

consider a Cuban Christmas

In the last few years, it's become my responsibility to feed family and Southern Oregon friends Christmas Eve dinner, and then we go to a friend's house for Christmas day. Yes, Christmas. My sweetie's family isn't Jewish, and I'm fine cooking for the holiday because, after all, my real religion…

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fish, portland

a brief guide to Portland seafood counters

Over the past 2 years in Portland I have become familiar with pretty much all of the fish markets on the East side, due to various quests to find particular seafood items. I will save you some time by sharing this with you: H-Mart has an excellent fish counter, particularly…

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pottery, shows, cats

kitten cups!

Several years ago I was exhibiting at Cole Valley Fair, and noticed that a lot of kids looked at my adult cat mugs but at $40 each they couldn't afford them. And so my first litter of Kitten Cups was born. These cups are modelled on my own cat Wayne's…

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making pottery, pottery tech, OPA

new tech for clay sprig decoration

Since custom "logoware" is a significant part of my pottery business, I'm quite used to making custom "sprigs" so that I can stick people's logos, names, or other designs on thrown pottery. For a long time I've done this one of two ways: either I order a custom rubber stamp…

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