slugs and bugs and plants

green sluggy buggy plant pot

If you've followed my artwork, you know I have a thing for banana slugs. They're such an icon of the Pacific Northwest, and they are easy and fun to sculpt and add to vessels. So I make sluggy soap dishes and sluggy spoonrests and even slug mugs.

I blame this on my sweetie's family, who took me hunting for big banana slugs in the Olympics. And boy howdy, did we find some.

banana slug on the forest floor

Given that, what could be more natural than adding a slug or two to a planter? Have a fake slug to look out for any real slugs and keep them away. And, once I put the slug on there, he looked lonely, so I added a few beetles too. Nothing threatening, just some brown or black beetles to crawl around the pot. Some folks may think they look creepy, but they remind me of the rain forest, full of growing things.

And thus the Sluggy Buggy Plant Pots became a thing. I currently have four of them in the store, for your indoor planting needs.

(before you ask: no, I didn't go to UC Santa Cruz)