syrup birds


My sweetie and I adore real maple syrup. We have pancakes or waffles or a Dutch Bunny or something almost every weekend. drizzled with some Quebec gold. Nothing like it.

However, we found that using the bottle or a creamer for maple syrup left something to be desired. Either it ran down the side, or you got a huge glug of syrup and drowned everything on the plate. That stuff's expensive, don't waste it!

So I designed a small pitcher for us with a long enclosed spout for pouring. My sweetie said it really looked like a small bird, and so I made the next one with eyes and feet. Now I have them for sale.

Let me show you how to use your syrup bird. Fill him full of syrup, and then give him a warm bath so that the syrup us nice and warm:

syrup bird in the bath

Then you can use his beak to pour syrup in a thin, controllable stream on your breakfast:

drizzling syrup

See? No slopping syrup all over the table.

more pouring syrup

Oh, and the reason he has that "tuft" on the side is that's a 2nd spout, for pouring any leftover syrup back into the bottle when you're done:

refilling the bottle

For sushi-lovers, the syrup birds moonlight as soy sauce pitchers.

You can buy syrup birds from my online store, or you can visit me at the open studio this week and pick up one in person.