Josh "FuzzyChef" Berkus

Josh "FuzzyChef" Berkus

Josh is a potter, open source programmer, avid food geek, former pastry chef, and serious home cook. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Leikam Hanukkah Sale this Sunday

As every year, I will be participating in the Leikam Hanukkah Craft Sale this weekend, along with 7 other artists. Come see us and pick up a few things for your holiday giftees! You can enjoy a kosher beer from Leikam at the same time. Sunday, November 19th 1 to…

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golden gazpacho

I dunno about where you are, but where I am it is super-hot out. Peak of 105F (41C) today. Appalingly hot weather and peak tomato season mean one thing to me: gazpacho. It's a delicious summer dish that requires no heating anything, and is best eaten slightly chilled. I've shared…

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ooni koda hacking fail

I've had an Ooni Koda pizza oven since the kickstarter, and I've hacked it since I've had it. While it's a really good portable pizza oven, anything can be improved. In my case, I've been tinkering with turntables for the Koda for a while, in order to ensure even pizza…

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romano bean scramble

Several years ago, on Haight Street, there used to be an Eritrean restaurant called Massawa, founded by a burned-out freedom fighter. For around two years of that restaurant's two decades on the Haight, they did brunch as well as dinner. We loved this brunch which included foods you'd never see…

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Ask the Talmud: Is it a sandwich?

A man and his servants came to see Rabban Gamliel and his court. The man had his servants bring forth an enormous platter of the famous sausages of the great shochet Nathan, each resting in a half-split bun with mustard. The court salivated in anticipation. "I have a question about…

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