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pasta non carborundum

plate of pasta non carborundum

Here's a super-fast, tasty pasta recipe you may be able to make from ingredients you have in your pantry right now. Like other dishes I'm publishing for quarantine month, fresh ingredients in it are minimal. It's also a Good First Recipe. The name of this dish comes from the mock-Latin…

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cuban food, seafood, good first recipe

rummy shrimp

cast iron pan full of rummy shrimp

This is a Cuban recipe I got out of a memoir of 1940s Cuba I read a while back. It's really nice for the current quarantine because the only fresh ingredients it requires are lime juice and parsley, and the latter is optional, and the former can be substituted using…

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recipes, new cooks, good first recipe

good first recipe

picture of the zataar flatbreads

With all of us practicing self-isolation, many of you will suddenly be cooking for yourselves a lot more often than you're used to. And, if you don't have a large personal recipe repertoire, you're going to get really tired of burgers and spaghetti marinara after a while. As such, I'm…

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