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the easiest sauce

asparagus with dill-mustard sauce

Given how hot it is in so much of the Northern hemisphere right now, nobody wants to get out a pan to make a finishing sauce for dinner, particularly after cooking everything on the grill so that you don't heat up your house. But dinner needs a little something to…

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make some nocino

bottles full of nocino

It's just past the feast of St. John (June 23rd), the traditional date on which Italians harvest green walnuts for making nocino. This green walnut liqueur is herbacious and spicy, good as both an apertif and as a digestif, and useful for a variety of cocktails And, most importantly, if…

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3d printed hook clasps for masks

photo of hook clasp mask ties on long-haired person

Given that I live in Oregon, lots of folks I know have been making masks with bias-tape ties. These have the advantage that they don't require elastic (still in short supply), aren't head-size specific, wash better, and are more secure for long use. However, the ties are super-awkward to tie…

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