pottery, festivals

selling at Fremont Fest 2019

picture of blue syrup bird

I'll have this syrup bird, and several other items, for sale at this Saturdays's Fremont Fest. Come find me; I'll be in front of Grand Central bakery, between NE 44th and 45th, sharing a booth with Mirabri Ceramics. …

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pizza, grill, italian food

ooni koda hacking, part 1

pizza with hand-pulled mozarrella, tomatoes and fresh oregano

I really like my Ooni Koda pizza oven, but as I said in the last post I wasn't quite getting the perfect pizza I wanted. Particularly: The top and bottom of the pizza weren't getting done at quite the same rate; The 300F temperature drop between the back and front…

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pizza, grill, equipment

Ooni Koda: first trial

pizza baking inside pizza oven

I've messed around with various ways of making pizza on the grill for the last couple of years with unsatisfactory results. So when kickstartered pizza maker Ooni announced the Koda, their new super-simple gas-only portable outdoor pizza oven, I preordered one. Here's my first report on its performance. First, they're…

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DIY, gardening

build a raised bed garden in just 31 easy steps

raised bed frames under construction

It's spring and time for planting here in the Pacific Northwest. Which also means time for preparing the garden beds. Last spring, I built two new 4ft by 6ft raised beds from around $140 worth of cedar and way too many screws. You can do this too. Our backyard in…

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from-scratch poutine

a bowl of homemade poutine

Yesterday Ben, Emily, Kris and I made a from-scratch, organic, local, bona-fide Portland hipster poutine. You can too! First, we made cheese curds using New England Cheesemaking's recipe. We used raw cow's milk from the Corvallis area, brought by Emily as fruit of a "herd share" she has. Making the…

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a Japanese winter curry

japanese curry, plated side-by-side with rice

I like Japanese curry. I mean, who doesn't? Even Portland has its own Japanese curry house. But preparing Japanese curry (kare) at home usually means using these sort of instant curry blocks: Those are fine, and I've used them lots of times, but I generally don't like to think a…

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