Portland ballot recommendations 2018

Portland Ballot Endorsements Continuing my set of recommendations with background, after doing the Oregon races I'm continuing with the Portland, Metro, and Multinomah County races. I'm not listing the uncontested races, because why bother? City Council Endorsement: JoAnn Hardesty Reason: Portland has a serious problem with its police department. Rogue…

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recommendations for the Oregon ballot

Some of you will still have your ballots and be planning to fill them out this weekend. For your benefit, I've researched the candidates and initiatives on the ballot, and come up with a set of endorsements and recommendations. Whether or not you agree with me, please use the text…

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pottery, open studio

open studio for National Clay Week

national clay week logo

Fuzzychef Pottery will be having an open studio for National Clay Week. Come by, chat, nosh, and watch me throw pottery, trim, and extrude! If you have time, you can get your hands muddy too. Between Mason & Skidmore on NE 75th Ave. (look for sign) Portland, OR, 97218 Sunday…

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vegetarian, salad

high summer salad

corn and basil salad photo

If you have a garden, there's a couple of weeks in July when the snap peas are still fruiting, the basil is tall and the tomatoes have started to ripen. Add that to good corn available at the store, and you have the makings of the most summery of summer…

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baking, video, thai food, history

cooking on YouTube

screenshot of thai cooking video

The decline of the Food Network into "reality" programming doesn't mean you have to stop watching good cooking video. It just means you need to go elsewhere to get it, particularly YouTube! There's a bunch of really good, regular cooking shows these days on YouTube covering all kinds of aspects…

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vegetarian, appetizers, dumplings, russian food

making vareniki


New Year's is the big winter holiday in Russia, because of decades of Soviet history during which celebrating Christmas was suspect. If you want to celebrate in Russian style, there's still enough time to make vareniki. Only just, though. Like other dumplings, making vareniki is a labor of love, or…

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