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two cal-bennies on a plate with potatoes

Another recipe from my archives, just in time for this year's international avocado shortage! Eggs Benedict, or "Benedicts", or "Bennies", in their many variations, are quite popular restaurant brunch items in California. This is probably because they fall into that class of food which is easy for a restaurant to…

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vegetarian, vegan, stews and soups, crock-pot, beans

a bowl of green

green chili stew picture

A friend was having a discussion about vegetarian chili on Facebook, and asked for a recipe "with no kale or sweet potatoes". I had to agree; those are two ingredients that never belong in anything called "chili". Still, as a non-meat-eater, I can't prepare proper San Antonio "chile con carne…

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italy, vegetarian, sauces

Josh's pesto

jars of freshly made pesto

If you live on the West Coast like me, you've finally hit autumn weather. Among other things, that means time to harvest and process the last leggy basil plants before they wilt in the chill. And what better use for them than pesto? What follows is "my" pesto recipe. This…

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holidays, bread, jewish food, baking

challah on the table in 2 hours

round challah

There aren't a lot of foods specific to Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), but one of the critical ones is a big round challah bread. Of course, I planned to bake. Between one thing and another, though, we ended up getting home on erev Rosh Hashana at 4pm. Could…

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pottery, shows, fair, events

selling at Cully Harvest Fair

harvest fair poster

I will be selling pottery at the Cully Harvest Fair on October 8th. The Fair is from noon to 4pm, on 42nd Ave. between Prescott and Killingsworth in NE Portland. Among other things, I will be selling seven of my well-known cat mugs: If you're in Portland, come see me…

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vegetarian, appetizers, spring, farmers' market

spring carrot reunion


Here's a simple, unusual, and surprisingly healthful appetizer you can really only make this time of year. It depends on finding really fresh, young spring carrots, the kind which are only 5" to 7" long and 1/2" in diameter, and very sweet. And you'll probably have to grow them…

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