November 2020 Oregon votes

multinomah county ballot envelope

Unlike most other states, nobody in Oregon is waiting in hour-long lines for early voting. That's because we vote 100% by mail, a system that has worked so well that even the Oregon Republicans voted to improve it this year (with one glaring exception, below). So I had a leisurely…

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brunch, vegetarian, jewish food, cheese

blintzes with shortcuts

blintzes with fresh strawberries on a plate

Blintzes vie with bagels for "best Jewish breakfast food", but in our household they've already won. The problem is that they can be enough of a process to make that they are a special occasion food, which is sad. So I'm gonna give you a few shortcuts to help you…

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vegetarian, vegan, summer, stews and soups, good first recipe

gazpacho Berkus

bowl of gazpacho topped with diced avocado

Gazpacho is probably the ultimate hot-weather meal; a cold, chopped tomato soup, usually served with room temperature sides, it's great when your AC isn't keeping up, and really can't be eaten on a day that isn't hot. Besides, for your tomato gazpacho to be good, you need garden-fresh produce. Winter…

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vegetarian, vegan, summer, good first recipe

pan con tomate

plate with long piece of pan con tomate

You ready for the easiest recipe, the appetizer/side dish that will rock the rest or your summer, the thing you want to make next now that tomato season is here? Our Catalonian friends have a treat for us: pa amb tomàquet, or pan con tomate, or just "tomato bread…

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vegetarian, summer, salad, gluten-free

the summerest salad

snap pea, tomato, and corn salad in a ceramic bowl

There is a brief window in the middle of the summer, when the snap peas are producing their last pods before they dry up, and the early tomatoes and corn start to come in. It's during that week or two that you must -- simply must -- make this salad…

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vegetarian, fish, vegan, good first recipe

the easiest sauce

asparagus with dill-mustard sauce

Given how hot it is in so much of the Northern hemisphere right now, nobody wants to get out a pan to make a finishing sauce for dinner, particularly after cooking everything on the grill so that you don't heat up your house. But dinner needs a little something to…

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