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hot Ukrainian borscht

bowl of hot borscht with sour cream drizzled on top

Given what's going on in Europe right now, it seemed like time to share a Ukrainian recipe. Ukrainian, at least, courtesy of my great-grandmother the Ukrainian Jew, who emigrated to the US as a young child fleeing a Tsar-ordered Russian Cossack pogrom. Hmmm, seems familiar somehow. Of course, me being…

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photo of candle holders, mezuzzot, hand washer

As a Jew from an observant family (although I'm not), I noticed that there don't seem to be any other Portland area potters making Judaica for sale. So I figured I'd fix that. Having borrowed some designs from my mother, I now have a few things on offer for fellow…

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black cat shaped spoonrest

Meet the SpoonLu! I like to cook, and that means that I also like making pottery for cooking. While I make many bits of "chefware", among the simplest, yet the most useful are spoonrests. I started out making sluggy spoonrests. But, I wanted to make a special spoonrest as a…

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