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ecumenical latkes

four latkes on a chrismas platter

After I made latkes for Christmas, some of my non-Jewish relatives wanted this recipe, so here it is. Latkes are potato pancakes, or fritters, not much different from kartofelpuffer or rosti. Since the story of Hanukkah features olive oil, though, we shallow-fry ours in plenty of oily goodness. Plus that…

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kubernetes kookies

kubernetes cookies on a plate

For the recent Cake Night Cookie Fight event, I made a "ReplicaSet" of pressed cookies decorated with the Kubernetes wheel. While I only placed 2nd thanks to Rin's amazing prowess with cake, they were super-tasty and I figured folks would want the recipe anyway. The first step is to make…

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the best vermut is made at home

glass of vermut over ice with orange, bottle, and orange

Last year I got to visit Barcelona for KubeCon Europe, and one of the things I learned about there was "la hora del vermut", the daily time when Catalonians drop by their favorite bar and quaff a glass of iced vermut with olives or even pan con tomate. "Wait," you…

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