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kubernetes kookies

kubernetes cookies on a plate

For the recent Cake Night Cookie Fight event, I made a "ReplicaSet" of pressed cookies decorated with the Kubernetes wheel. While I only placed 2nd thanks to Rin's amazing prowess with cake, they were super-tasty and I figured folks would want the recipe anyway. The first step is to make…

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wine, drinks, spanish food

the best vermut is made at home

glass of vermut over ice with orange, bottle, and orange

Last year I got to visit Barcelona for KubeCon Europe, and one of the things I learned about there was "la hora del vermut", the daily time when Catalonians drop by their favorite bar and quaff a glass of iced vermut with olives or even pan con tomate. "Wait," you…

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holidays, gluten-free, meat

carbonnade flamande sans gluten

bowl of carbonnade flamande

In the before-times, I had the pleasure of making Christmas Eve dinner both for someone who can't eat fish and for a celiac sufferer. I say pleasure because I actually enjoy these kinds of cooking challenges; it's more fun than just following a recipe. But if you don't enjoy them…

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November 2020 Oregon votes

multinomah county ballot envelope

Unlike most other states, nobody in Oregon is waiting in hour-long lines for early voting. That's because we vote 100% by mail, a system that has worked so well that even the Oregon Republicans voted to improve it this year (with one glaring exception, below). So I had a leisurely…

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