pottery, cookware

introducing the salt monsters

group of six empty salt monsters

Meet the Salt Monsters! Starting at the top left, they are Melvin, Nessie, Louise, Quinn, Wanda, and Louise's brother Brendan. These charming critters are here to hold your salt for easy use while cooking, either by pinching some and sprinkling it, or using their tongue-spoons to add a bit. They…

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pottery, brunch

the syrup birds are back!

red and blue syrup birds lined up

It's spring, and the syrup birds have come back! These are one of my more popular items, so I made five of them for online sales. Get them on my web store or at the upcoming Ceramic Showcase Online. …

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pottery, shows

Join me at Ceramic Showcase Online April 30th

ceramic showcase and GOTG advertisement

I will be participating in Ceramic Showcase Online next weekend, from April 30th to May 2nd. Since we can't hold Showcase in person this year, we're doing an online exhibition. This is actually good for me, because I rarely can participate in the onsite version due to work travel! So…

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hacking the Ooni Koda, part 2

two pizzas, one asparagus/feta, one

Yeah, I know it's been a stupidly long time since part 1 but I've been busy and we also had a long, dreary winter in Portland during which using my pizza oven outside wasn't even a possibility. Also not being able to invite anyone over has meant making less pizza…

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