pizza, equipment, ooni, metalwork

ooni koda hacking fail

pizza oven with homemade turntable in it, in a metal shop

I've had an Ooni Koda pizza oven since the kickstarter, and I've hacked it since I've had it. While it's a really good portable pizza oven, anything can be improved. In my case, I've been tinkering with turntables for the Koda for a while, in order to ensure even pizza…

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brunch, eggs, vegetarian, breakfast, african food

romano bean scramble

plate of scrambled eggs with romano beans, accompanied by toast

Several years ago, on Haight Street, there used to be an Eritrean restaurant called Massawa, founded by a burned-out freedom fighter. For around two years of that restaurant's two decades on the Haight, they did brunch as well as dinner. We loved this brunch which included foods you'd never see…

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jewish food, humor

Ask the Talmud: Is it a sandwich?

photo of a pile of hot dogs, with mustard

A man and his servants came to see Rabban Gamliel and his court. The man had his servants bring forth an enormous platter of the famous sausages of the great shochet Nathan, each resting in a half-split bun with mustard. The court salivated in anticipation. "I have a question about…

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pottery, brunch, breakfast

syrup birds new flock

three blue syrup birds

TL;DR: New blue and red syrup birds in the online store. We love real maple syrup. And since we tend to do some kind of pancakes or waffles every weekend, we have reason to pour a lot of it. A decade or so ago I decided it was time…

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pottery, slugs

new sluggy soap dishes

photo of a sluggy soap dish with soap on it

TL;DR: new sluggy soap dishes in the shop Ten or twelve years ago (or maybe more) our apartment in San Francisco needed a soap dish. I wanted to make something decorative, and thought about what would look good covered in soap slime. Banana slugs, of course. Thus my first…

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