pottery, slugs

new sluggy soap dishes

photo of a sluggy soap dish with soap on it

TL;DR: new sluggy soap dishes in the shop Ten or twelve years ago (or maybe more) our apartment in San Francisco needed a soap dish. I wanted to make something decorative, and thought about what would look good covered in soap slime. Banana slugs, of course. Thus my first…

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pottery, holidays, shows, beer

pottery show at Leikam brewing

photo of my booth at leikam brewing last year

I will once again be selling my pottery at Leikam Brewing's Holiday Craft Fair, on November 27th. Not only will you be able to get mugs & slugs & bowls & birds from me, but this year there will be two other ceramic artists. So visit Leikam and fulfill your…

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DIY, pottery tech

portable warm sink for your studio

fully assembled electric water faucet and reservoir

One of the major drawbacks of having a pottery studio in a 1951 detached garage is the lack of running water. In the summer, I have an outdoor sink I run with a garden hose, but that's no good in the winter. I needed something that would allow me to…

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pasta, vegetarian, vegan, summer, salad

warm pasta salad

big bowl of pasta salad

Now that tomatoes are finally coming into season, it's time for some pasta salad that really makes the most of summer produce. It also has the advantage of being a dish that only requires boiling a pot of water, but no other cooking, which is going to be welcome to…

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